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Lumen ad Mortem (the dying light) was formed in 2019. Reawakening the night sky fires to the glory of early 90’s anthemic black metal.

From the cold ashes comes a trio forged through the smoke and flame of primeval times. A time where grim melodies rose from the forest floor and blasting rhythms carried the embers to engulf and inspire all that is black metal.

Guitars, bass, keyboards and orchestration by Aaron Tuck. Unapologetically sparse melodies that smolder and rise upon seething orchestrations with the restraint of a cold mist falling on ancient tombs.

Percussion by Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders. A true Australian Metal pioneer of sheer brutality, well versed in the ways where flesh and bone meet skin, timber and metal. Hitting harder than a blacksmith upon the steaming blood-soaked anvils of Acheron.

Vocals and Lyrics by Gregor Pikl. Grim shadowed realms of mysticism and chants summoning incorporeal murmurs of forgotten times and ancient ways. Delving into the black abyss of dreams and the reawakening of one’s self, standing upon the edge of myths and steeped in the sagas of tragedy, triumph and honour.

Herein lies Lumen Ad Mortem's - Upon the Edge of Darkness - the culmination of three black figures, six crooked hands to release six epic songs into the black ether of this world….

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